Why should I choose NWS Elite?

There are many reason to choose the NWS Elite organization to start, build or advance your softball journey.

  • NWS Elite is an "Organization", not just a "team"

NWS is an "Organization". It is not a single "team". In many cases, single teams are established around one player or coach. A team built for this purpose has the inherent risk of ending for all the players, when that player or coach decides to move in another direction, is injured, etc.

The NWS Elite organization was established in 1999, and over the years has run the most successful 16U, 18U and 23U tournament team programs in Western Massachusetts.

n addition to our tournament teams, NWS Elite operates and supports Girls Fastpitch programs in Western Massachusetts, at places like the Westfield Boys & Girls Club, the "Batter's Box" (in Westfield Mass), fall / winter fastpitch training programs, softball skills clinics, hitting training programs, group / private and semi private pitching lessons, and other specific softball training programs.

Former NWS Elite players are now training and working with "up and coming" fastpitch softball players all over Western Massachusetts. And we explain to our players, that when they complete their individual softball journey, we want them to return and "give back' to the organization.

We intend to expand our programs to a larger area in the years to come.

Over the years, NWS Elite has strived to have a full compliment of teams at 12U, 14U, 16U, 18U and 23U tournament level softball teams. This has not always been possible, however we continue to try to maintain a complete suite of teams from 12U through the college level.

  • What kind of organization is NWS Elite?

NWS Elite is a full Non Profit 501C Corporation registered with the State of Massachusetts under ID # 043559924, with a board of directors who are focused on providing the best programs we can for our players and participants.

We are not a here today gone tomorrow organization.

NWS Elite's purpose is to provide an organization that promotes and utilizes the game of Fastpitch Softball for the development of well rounded young women, who will then be able to meet life's challenges. And to use our organization, as well as it's past and present members, to assist these young ladies as they begin their adult lives.

In particular, our organization tries to focus and assist girls at risk.

It should be noted that since we are a full 501c non profit organization, we seek and receive donations, that allow us to keep the costs to our players as low as possible.

We try to never let family financial issues prevent any player selected from participating in our programs. If there is a financial issue, please feel free to speak privately to the program coach, and we will try to work out a suitable solution.

It should also be noted that none of the Board of Directors have children participating in any NWS Elite programs. This frees the Board of Directors up to design these programs solely for the betterment of the children involved. With no personal agendas.

  • What support does NWS Elite provide?

NWS Elite provides support to all our teams and programs, and coordinates our efforts with everyone involved. We call upon the experience of those that have been involved in the organization for many years, and solicit any assistance we need to execute to our objectives.

NWS Elite also provides a complete web site for our present teams and programs, and a full archive of all past teams and players, to the best of our ability. This is a constant effort and we are always trying to refine and update our on line presence. We offer the convenience of on line payment for our participants / parents, the ability for outsiders to "donate" to the program or sponsor teams, and we utilize our on line presence to market our teams and programs (to college coaches, future players, potential donors, potential sponsors, those interested in our organization, etc.) and further strengthen our reputation as an organization.

We are proud of every player that has come through our programs, and we do our best to preserve their history on our web site. We currently have archives that date back to 1999.

Over the years NWS Elite has built a solid reputation for establishing solid teams and operating quality affordable programs that ultimately benefit our players and participants.

The NWS Elite "brand" is well know in the New England area today, and we plan to continue to promote our organization in the future.

  • What are NWS Elite's Short term plans?

NWS Elite's plan is to run teams at 12U, 14U, 16U, 18U and 23U tournament levels, and compete in the best tournaments we can find in the New England area, each year.

NWS Elite hopes to maintain a complete "staircase" of Tournament Travel Level teams, from 12U - 23U, which allows fastpitch players from Western Mass and surrounding areas to advance through the age groups without having to change organizations.

In addition, working with the Westfield Boys & Girls Club, the "Batter Box" of Westfield, and other facilities, it is NWS Elite's intention to run "Fastpitch Pitching Training Programs", "Fastpitch Hitting Programs", Clinics and other specialized training programs at multiple locations each year from September - April, for the purpose of developing pitchers, catchers, hitters and fielders (in the age groups on 8-23 years old), who can then compete on local and tournament level teams each year with a high degree of success. We will do this by utilizing players that have come through our programs, current coaches, and outside talent, to maximize the benefit to the participants.

  • What are NWS Elite's Long term plans?

NWS Elite's Long Term Plan is to continue to solidify the NWS Elite organization into a self sustaining league with teams in 12U, 14U, 16U, 18U and 23U, self sustaining softball pitching, hitting and training programs at multiple locations in the New England area. A self sustaining Softball Organization , run by former players and coaches, who's purpose is focused on the betterment of the game of Fastpitch Softball, and on all the individuals involved in our organization, past and present.

It is our intention to utilize the talent and experience of the personnel in our organization to help the "up and coming" coaches and players to experience similar life learning events and challenges as those that came before them, to grow to love and respect the game, and to then....pass it on again.

In addition, NWS Elite plans to try to bring some of the top female softball players to the area to hold clinics and training sessions, to help further raise the level of the game in the New England Area.

It should be noted that donations made to NWS Elite to support our programs, may be tax deductible.

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