Elite 18U - 2002 Team Information

Congratulations to the 2002 NWS Elite 18U Team
13th Place finish at the NSA World Series
Chattanooga, Tennessee!
(94 teams total)

Elite 18U - 2002 Team History

Season Schedule Below was the 2002 season schedule / results! Hope you enjoy your visit! 




6/8 - 6/9 Jamboree Devens, MA
6/14 - 6/16 Pennsbury Invitational Yardley, PA
6/21 - 6/23 Polar Crush NSA NIT Devens, MA
6/28 - 6/30 NSA State Championship Dracut/Lowell, MA
7/5 -7/7 ASA State Championship Lowell, MA
7/12 - 7/14 ASA Regional Championship Bethel, CT
7/20 - 7/27 NSA National Tournament Chattanooga, TN

Devens Jamboree The Polar Crush Jamboree was the first event of a busy summer schedule.

NWS Elite 18U Played three games on Saturday and three games on Sunday, with our first game on Sunday being the traditional match up between Polar Crush and NWS Elite!

A very tough match that went into extra innings, with NWS taking a 1-0 loss.

A great first weekend!

Below are the Jamboree results.

When Field Opponent Result
Sat 6/8 11:00 2 Mass Jazz L 0-1
Sat 6/8 1:00 1 Worcester Co. Freedom L 0-7
Sat 6/8 5:00 3 Franklin Lightning W 6-3
Sun 6/9 11:00 3 Polar Crush L 0-1
Sun 6/9 1:00 1 No. Central Aftershock W 6-1
Sun 6/9 5:00 1 Franklin Thunder W 1-0

Pennsbury Invitational College Showcase

The Pennsbury Invitational Tournament was one of the most competitive tournaments of the summer.

But getting a chance to play "Gold" Teams in front of a ton of college coaches is what it is all about!

NWS Elite had a good showing against some great teams!

Below are the Pennsbury Invitational College Showcase results.

When Field Opponent Result
Sat 6/15 12:20 Boehm 1 Plantation Gold (FL) L 1-3
Sat 6/15 5:00 Stoddard 1 Redbirds (VA) T 0-0
Sun 6/15 8:00 Morrisville 1 Fire and Ice (NY) W 4-0
Sun 6/16 Pool Field Inferno (NJ) L 2-6

Polar Crush NSA - National Invitational Tournament (NIT) The Polar Crush NSA NIT was the first event where we had a chance to qualify for the NSA Nationals.

The format was a double elimination format, and NWS Elite ran into a very tough team on Sunday morning that ended our day early.

Below are the NIT results.

When Field Opponent Result
Fri 6/21 6:00 Lawrence Academy Mass Hurricanes W 7-1
Sat 6/22 12:00 Groton 1 Good Rip Rockies W 3-1 (8)
Sat 6/22 4:00 Willard 3 NE Jazz L 1-4
Sun 6/23 8:00 Willard 3 Xtreme Chaos L 2-4

Massachusetts NSA State Championships Another tough double elimination format weekend, where "lose two and barbecue" is not what you want to do.

NWS Elite 18U had a good weekend, finishing 4th place (out of 18 teams) and qualifying for the NSA National Tournament in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Below are the NSA States results.

When / Opponent Result
Sat 6/29 8:00 Mass Brats W 1-0
Sat 6/29 4:00 N. H. Sharks W 5-2
Sun 6/30 8:00 Baystate Cardinals L 1-6
Sun 6/30 10:00 Fire and Ice W 4-3
Sun 6/30 12:00 Peabody Raiders L 1-3

Massachusetts ASA State Championships NWS Elite finished in 5th place out of 22 teams and qualified for the ASA Regional's the following in Bethel Ct.!

Below are the ASA States results.

When / Opponent Result
Sat 7/6 8:00 Fire and Ice L 1-3
Sat 7/6 10:00 Blackstone Valley Hurricanes W 5-0
Sat 7/6 2:00 Express W 4-2
Sat 7/6 6:00 Mass Eliminators W 8-0 (6)
Sun 7/7 8:00 Mass Drifters W 7-2
Sun 7/7 10:00 Jazz L 0-2

ASA Regional Championship After playing 7 games in 30 hours, we finished 5th in the ASA Regional Tournament!

Below are the ASA Regional results.

When / Opponent Result
Sat 7/13 8:00 Cape Softball (ME) W 1-0
Sat 7/13 9:45 Tradition (CT) L 0-8 (5)
Sat 7/13 1:45 Panthers (MA) W 5-1
Sat 7/13 5:15 Polar Crush (MA) L 1-3
Sat 7/14 8:00 Jazz (MA) W 4-0
Sat 7/14 9:45 Xtreme Chaos (CT) W 4-2 (9)
Sat 7/14 12:00 Keene Crickets (NH) L 0-3

NSA National Tournament - Chattanooga, Tennessee We did very well in Chattanooga - placing 13th out of 94 teams, coming out of loser bracket early, in 100+ degree weather all week!

This was by far some of the most exciting softball we ever played, including 2 extra inning 1 run games.

The last game included a 2 hit pitching gem by NWS Elite Viveca Patterson (Her last game before heading to Bet hume Cookman on a full athletic scholarship), bested by only by a "perfect game" by the the Pittsburgh pitcher, on her way to Vanderbilt on a full athletic scholarship.

The two hits were back to back doubles in the 7th inning that cost us the game 1-0!

By the time the game ended, there were hundreds of fans crowded around the fences and up on the observation deck on the center control house, watching and cheering.

Our performance in Chattanooga earned NWS Elite placement in the "Super Worlds" in Las Vegas (Which the team was not able to attend). This was the first time NWS Elite had ever qualified for the "Worlds".

Below are the NSA Nationals results.

When / Opponent Result
7/21/02 3:30 Carolina Comets L 2-3 (9)
7/22/02 1:45 Alabama Shockers W 7-0
7/23/02 1:45 Indiana Earthquakes L 0-2
7/24/02 8:30 Indiana Battitudes W 2-0
7/24/5:15 Eagles (Illinois) W 3-1
7/25/02 10:15 Tampa Bay Mustangs W 3-2 (8)
7/25/02 1:45 Indiana Shockwaves W 4-3
7/25/02 3:30 Pittsburgh Patriots L 0-1

Congratulations to the NWS Elite 2002 18U team !

One great team, one great season, one great experience!


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