The 2014 season was a difficult one, due the sudden and unexpected loss of the team's head coach, Henry "Hank" Blethen!

A Tribute to "Coach Hank"

Henry “Hank” L. Blethen
June 27, 1959 - February 1, 2014
NWS Elite 12U Head Coach

I only had the pleasure of knowing Hank for a short period of time. But during that time I came to realize that despite his sometimes rough exterior, the man had a huge heart, and that heart was in the "right place"! There has been no coach I have ever met that was more focused on the mission, cared more about the kids, was more passionate about the game, or more compassionate for those who were less fortunate. I truly wish we could have worked together for many years to come (which was the plan), as I know Hank would have done some wonderful things for the kids on his team, and our organization as a whole. All I can say now is that we will try to move forward with his group, his team, with the same level of energy and effort that Hank would have wanted!

The entire NWS Elite family morns this great loss!

Mike Markiewicz

2104 - NWS Elite 12U Team

  • The NWS Elite 12U Team in their cool gear, during an indoor winter practice at the Powerhouse, in E. Longmeadow, Ma., getting ready for the 2014 tournament season!





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