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    <updated 5-5-15>

    To improve our news communication with all our Fastpitch Softball Fans out there, NWS Elite has launched "Facebook", "Instagram" and "YouTube" pages!

    They are linked on all our pages, in the upper left hand corner, and can be reached by clicking on those links!

    Our Facebook page (as well as our web site) will carry the latest updates, news, schedules, programs, interesting items, as well as comments / posts from our "friends"!

    Our "Instagram" and YouTube pages will feature Photos and Videos, past and present!

    Check it out and post something so we know your out there!

    "Like" us on our Facebook, and "Follow us" on Instagram and YouTube!

    NWS Elite is continuing to grow and expand our teams and our programs to try to accommodate and help as many players and parents as we can!

    In 2015 - 2016 we will have a 12U team, a 14U teams, (2) 16U teams, an 18U, and 18 and Over teams!

    In addition, NWS Fastpitch will be running its Fastpitch Pitching Instructional program at the "Batter's Box", in Westfield, Ma., and we are looking at adding hitting programs!

    You can get more info on the pitching program by clicking below:

    - Fastpitch Pitcher's Training Program


If you have any news items or things of interest to NWS Elite, or the Fastpitch Softball Community, and you would like posted on the web site, send them to nwseliteinfo@gmail.com


Of course your are always welcome to visit and post on our Facebook Page!

Also, take some time and browse through our "Archives Page" for past teams and program info!
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